Information for March 29-April 2

Hi all!


Happy last week of March!  Here is the information for the week of March 29th-April 2nd.



Band boosters are an essential part of making any band program successful.  Band boosters are what makes the experience for young musicians (planning trips, fundraising opportunities, senior gifts, instrument funds, marching band).  Mount Pleasant Band Booster Inc. are in need of YOUR HELP to make 2021-2022 a successful and fun year for your students!  Any help is appreciated.  Please contact either Tracy Gillum,, or Alicia Cobb,, for more information.


Spring Break 

Spring break starts this Friday, April 2nd, and ends April 12th.  Students will be in either Plan A or Plan C on April 13th at the start of the 4th quarter.  If there are any changes to the plan you and your student selected please make requests to Mr. Snyder and Ms. Daquila.


Spring Concert 

The MP Bands have a potential spring concert for May 7th, 2021.   This would be a joint outdoor concert with the High School and Middle School at the MPHS stadium.

The reason that this concert is potential as of right now is pending an approval from the school board.  Hopefully this should not pend much of an issue for us as other schools in our county have been approved for outdoor concerts.  Mr. Fisher and I hope to write and submit the proposal by the end of spring break.


After School Rehearsals

Keep a look out for after school rehearsals for Concert Band.  In preparation for our concert we will need to be able to rehearse as a full group.  I plan on having set dates and times the day we come back for school on April 13, 2021 at the latest.


Marching Band 

Thank you so much for those of us who were able to perform at Central Cabarrus with short notice!  We got many compliments on our performance and I hope you all had fun.  This was our last performance for the 2021 spring season.

Leadership training will start the week of April 13th.  If you want to be in leadership for marching band YOU NEED TO be there!


Hope you all have a terrific spring break and rest of this week!


Musically yours,

Miss Avery Gray