Information for May 21, 2021

Hello all!


This year is quickly ending with our last week of instruction being next week.  I am very honored to have worked with all the students in the MP Band Program this year and excited for our next year together.


Thank you for a wonderful concert last week!


Band Boosters 

As expressed during our concert last Friday, band boosters are essential to any band program.  We need YOUR help to have a successful season and continue longevity of the MP Band Program. Please email me if you are interested in being a part of the booster board.


Monday Instrument Inventory

Monday May 24, 2021 we will be doing instrument inventory.  If you possess ANY MP Band instrument this needs to be returned to me for inspection and possible maintenance.  Virtual students, if you cannot return your instrument to me on Monday please email me ASAP to schedule a time.


Final Exam

Blocks 2 and 4 will take their final exam on Tuesday, May 25 during their class periods.  Block 1 will take their exam on Wednesday May 26, this follows suit with the exam schedule MPHS is using this year.  This exam will be posted on Canvas based on when each block is scheduled to take their exam.   Each class this week we have done music theory review on the material covered in the final exam.  If you have any questions or concerns please ask during our class time.



Please ensure that band is on your schedule for the upcoming year!  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are in need of assistance with your academic schedule.


Marching Band:

Commitment forms have been handed out in class to in-person students but are also attached in the Newsletter email as well as posted on the website.  The commitment form ensures that you will have a spot in the show this coming season.  Students can hand the form to me or email the completed form.  Payments will be completed online through the PayPal.  You can find a direct link to the PayPal through the band website,

If there are any financial difficulties with marching band PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH ME.  There are multiple fundraising opportunities available that can lessen the burden, or in some cases pay for the entire year depending on the amount of work and time completed.

The fall 2021 calendar is being sent out again with more detailed times.  The calendar will also be available on the website through Google Calendars.



Again I am very grateful for these past few months together as your band director.  I am very honored to have worked with everyone involved in the MP Band Program and have made me feel extremely welcomed.  Let’s finish this year strong!


-Miss Gray