MP Band Information March 8-12

Happy March everyone!

I hope the warm weather has brought some joy over the past week.  I’ve been able to go on a few outdoor runs which I’m living for!

Here is the information for the week of March 8-12. Marching band folks read this really carefully for details of our first performance, YAY!



Students make sure we are turning in assignments!  If an assignment is missing a placeholder 0 will sit in PowerSchools until something has been turned in.  Late work deductions are -5 per day, the highest score with deductions you can receive is a 70.

I try to keep grades as updated as I can throughout the week but sometimes that is difficult when I have an influx of assignments.  Please allow me some grace and flexibility.  I will be grading late work on Sunday and Monday of this week.

Last Thursday, 3/4/2021, we had our first in class playing exam.  This was reminded each day of class, if you were not present during the test it will need to be made up on Monday during class.  Thank you to those students who notified me beforehand of their absence.

If there is anything I can do to help out with assignments or coming up with a plan of action to complete late work for individuals please do not hesitate to reach out to me by email or on the band phone.


Marching Band 

We will have rehearsal on our regularly scheduled Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5 pm drop off starting at 3:45 pm on Tuesday.

Thursday 3/11/2021 I have been notified about a pep rally occurring at dismissal.  MPHS has asked the marching band to perform at this!  If you are available to stay after school please email or remind message me ASAP.  We can only do this with your participation. If you are on campus Tuesday and Thursdays you will be excused to perform at the pep rally.  If you are not on campus on Tuesday and Thursdays Mr. Snyder has given us permission to meet outside the band room at 1:45 pm.  After the pep rally has concluded you are permitted to stay on campus until the end of our regularly scheduled rehearsals from 4-5 pm.  Let’s show our support for Mount Pleasant!

Logistics for Friday (3/12/2021) Night’s football 

  • This is our first Home Football Game of the season and is also Senior Night. Senior Night will recognize football, cheer, and band seniors.  This ceremony starts at 6 p.m.
  • What to WEAR:
    • Blue Jeans
    •  MP Band T-Shirt (This will be given to you)
    • A light jacket, in case it gets chilly.
  • What to BRING:
    • Extra snack
    • Instrument/flip folder
    • Musician masks/bell cover
  • Schedule:
    • 4 pm: Arrive in band room for temperature checks.  EAT A MEAL BEFORE COMING
    • 4:10 pm: Begin warm up/rehearsal before performance on rehearsal field.
    • 4:50 pmBand traverses to stadium with instruments.  Percussionists move with drums and stands.
    • 5:25 pm: Sit in stands eat a snack if you have one.
    • 5:45 pmShort warm up
    • 6:00 pmSenior Night Ceremony
    • 6:30 pm: Game Starts
    • 8:00 pm(ish): Halftime.  Students eat snacks/water provided by Boosters.
    • 9:30 pm(ish): Unload equipment and dismiss from Band Room.


  • Why are we not wearing uniforms?
    • With the quick turn around for the approval of our participation at football games and rehearsals there has not been an adequate amount of time to distribute uniforms.  We will be wearing uniforms for a typical Marching Band season.
  •  Why are we not getting fed a meal?
    • With Friday being asynchronous it would be most time efficient to eat a meal before our call time.
  • SENIORS: Make sure to have the form I sent to you via email completed and sent back to me BEFORE 11:59 pm on Tuesday 3/9.  This is how you will get recognized at 6 p.m. at Friday night’s game.
  • PARENTS: Tickets for the game go live at 12 pm Friday 3/12/2021.


As always, contact me with any questions or concerns.


Have a great weekend!


-Miss Gray