Newsletter December 11, 2017

Concerts Coming Soon!!!
We have our winter concert(s) coming very soon. Time to find your bow tie and take your suit to the cleaners. Maybe dig your dress out of the trunk of your car and search under your bed for your shoes. This way we won’t leave anything to the last minute. If you need any component of your outfit to be replaced, I need to know ASAP. Thanks.

MP Band Schedule: December 11-20, 2017
Monday (12/11/17) Class Rehearsals. After School Concert Rehearsal 2:30-4:30 PM
Tuesday (12/12/17) Class Rehearsals. WG 4:30-7:30 @ Glenn Center
Wednesday (12/13/17) Class Rehearsals. WG 4:30-7:30 @ Glenn Center
Thursday (12/14/17) Class Rehearsals.
Friday (12/15/17) Class Rehearsals. WG 4:30-7:30 @ Glenn Center.
Saturday (12/16/17) Nope
Sunday (12/17/17) Eat, sleep, practice, repeat.
Monday (12/18/17) Class Rehearsals. HS Winter Concert 7PM. Student Call Time is 6PM.
Tuesday (12/19/17) Inventory. Bring all school-owned instruments back to MPHS.
MS Winter Concert 7PM.
Wednesday (12/20/17) Polar Express Day Concert at MPES. We wear ugly Christmas sweaters. I have lots. Don’t buy one. If you have one, you’re welcome to wear it though. Depart MPHS at 8:00. Return at 10:30. I’d like for the percussion ensemble to play during lunch periods, but that will be harder as POWER Block isn’t during lunch anymore. I’ll try to work it out.

Concert Dresses and Jackets
$66.00 to the MP Band Boosters as soon as you can.

Spring Break Orlando Trip
2nd Deposit is past Due 12/4/17!!!
3rd Deposit is Due 1/15/18
Universal Studios Orlando April 1-5, 2018
Accompanying paperwork required for all students

6th annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser
Thanks for the help. It was a great success.

Online Donations Fundraiser
This is our next project. Please put your information on the Google Doc on the Facebook page.

Soda Shoppe Help
I could really use your help in the soda shoppe during lunch periods and after school with the reloading of coolers. If you could just go ahead and make the decision to do this now, that would be super.