Newsletter January 1-21, 2018

One Semester Ends and Another Begins.
The schedule from now through Exams is kind of erratic, so I’m going to put as much of it on here as possible. The most important thing though is that All District Band Auditions are this Saturday!!! Call time is 7:00 AM here at MPHS.

MP Band Schedule: January 1-21, 2018
Monday (01/01/18) Happy New Year! No School.
Tuesday (01/02/18) Class Rehearsals. WG 4:30-7:30 @ Glenn Center
Wednesday (01/03/18) Class Rehearsals. WG 4:30-7:30 @ Glenn Center
Thursday (01/04/18) Class Rehearsals.
Friday (01/05/18) Class Rehearsals. WG 4:30-7:30 @ Glenn Center.
Saturday (01/06/18) All-District Auditions at South Point HS. Call time is 7:00 AM at MPHS.
Sunday (01/07/18) Eat, sleep, practice, repeat.
Monday (01/08/18) Class Rehearsals. 1st Period POWER. No releases.
Tuesday (01/09/18) Class Rehearsals. 2nd Period POWER. No releases. WG 4:30-7:30 @ Glenn Center
Wednesday (01/10/18) Class Rehearsals. 3rd Period POWER. No releases. WG 4:30-7:30 @ Glenn Center
Thursday (01/11/18) Class Rehearsals. 4th Period POWER. No
Friday (01/12/18) 1st Period Exam. WG 4:30-7:30 @ Glenn Center
Saturday (01/13/18) Nope
Sunday (01/14/18) Nope
Monday (01/15/18) Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. No School. No Rehearsals.
Tuesday (01/16/18) 2nd Period Exam.
Wednesday (01/17/18) 3rd Period Exam.
Thursday (01/18/18) 4th Period Exam.
Friday (01/19/18) Early Release Day. WG Camp 1-8 PM.
Saturday (01/20/18) Nope
Sunday (01/21/18) Nope
All-District Auditions
Auditions are this weekend. I need to know if you are going or if you are bagging. The cuts are on the window of my office. If you don’t know your scales, don’t waste your time. If you haven’t worked on your solo since before the break, don’t waste your time. If you can’t sight-read this, don’t waste your time. (You can read in treble or bass).

Online Donations Fundraiser
It’s in process; well, it’s in progress if you turned in your paperwork.

Soda Shoppe Help After The Semester Change
Once the semester changes, we’re going to have to get into a regular schedule of soda shoppe attendants. I will figure out how that is going to work, but the responsibility is going to rely heavily on my 2nd period students and my winterguard students. The raffle is our easiest fundraiser and we have a 40” TV and a Kindle Fire to give away next.

3rd Annual Mount Pleasant Winterguard Competition
Our third annual Winterguard competition is scheduled for Saturday, February 24, 2018. This project, much like Showcase is an “all hands on deck” event. The money raised does help the winterguard, but it also benefits every other facet of the band program. We all benefit. It’s easy work. Essentially, we escort performing groups to and from their performance and warm-up areas. We also sell a bunch of food and random junk that guard people like to buy.

All-County Draft
The Cabarrus All-County Band “draft” is coming soon. If you want in, I will try to get you a spot. Sign-up on the board today, or as soon as possible. Winterguard conflicts with All-County, so keep that in mind before you sign-up.

Spring Break Trip to Orlando
Yes, it still on! The price has increased from $719 per person to $780 per person based on our numbers, but we are good!