Newsletter October 30, 2017

Season Ending Performance at North Davidson

Our final performance of “One Man’s Treasure” is this Saturday at North Davidson HS. Schedule is below.

Monday (10/30/17) Class Rehearsals. Full Ensemble 3-6 PM.
Tuesday (10/31/17) Class Rehearsals. No rehearsals. Enjoy the day off.
Wednesday (11/01/17) Class Rehearsals. Colorguard 4-7 PM.
Thursday (11/02/17) Class Rehearsals. Full Ensemble 3-6 PM.
Friday (11/03/17) Class Rehearsals. We are not traveling to West Stanly as an ensemble I encourage you to attend on your own if you so choose.
Saturday (11/04/17) North Davidson High School Timeline…(See below)…

9:00 AM-Call time at MP on the field with wind instruments, drums, water bottles, and positive attitudes. Front Ensemble loads gear. Colorguard does face and hair.

10:30AM-Clean all instruments. Clean all shoes. Make sure we have all pins, bungees, clamps, etc.

11:00AM-Load all equipment.

12:00PM-Dismissal until 3:30PM for the funeral. Students not attending the funeral may stay at the school with Mr. Grush, or may also choose to go back home. Lunch will be on your own, so if you are planning to stay at the school, you’ll need to bring a snack, or take the initiative to order yourself some pizza. I need for you to work this out yourself.

2:00PM-Jacob Webb’s Funeral. Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, 4500 Rimer Road, Concord, NC 28025

3:30PM-Be back at MPHS, inspection, load, and depart. Bring some snack stuff for the bus ride up.

5:00PM-Arrival at NDHS, unpack, unload, set up props. W need to straight up move FAST.

5:45PM-Stretch block and visual warm-up. #LatherUp

6:30PM-Snacky-poo (I’ll let the mamas decide. Sandwiches would be great, or something like that.)


7:30PM-Music Warm-up.

8:15PM-Transit to the gate.

8:30PM-Performance time.


10:30PM-Parking Lot Concert/Final Musical Performance of “One Man’s Treasure”. Pack, load, etc.

11:30PM-Departure from North Davidson HS for MPHS

1:00AM-Arrive back at MPHS, unload, unpack, & go home.

Sunday(11/05/17)-Eat, sleep, practice, repeat.

Spring Break Orlando Trip

1st Deposit is Due a Week from Today!!!11/6/17

Universal Studios Orlando

April 1-5, 2018

First payment of $150.00 due November 6, 2017

Accompanying paperwork required for all students.

Parents should check backpacks for “blue packets’ that were distributed three weeks ago Thursday.

Picture Day!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2017 after school.

6th Annual Mattress Fundraiser

Parent Meeting Kick-off=Monday, November 20, 2017 @ 6:00PM

(We make $5.00 per parent who shows up for this 30 minute tutorial)

MPHS school Day Kick-off=Tuesday, November 21, 2017 during 4th period

MPHS School Day Kick-off=Tuesday, November 21, 2017 during venture