Newsletter September4, 2017

Back in the Saddle.
The show is coming together and the music is getting more confident. It’s time to iron out all the issues so that next week we can insert all of the visuals and character work. We have to be ready to move at high speed from now on.

MP Band Schedule: September 4-10, 2017
Monday (09/04/17) Labor Day Holiday (LOL! Holiday? Whatever…)

Tuesday (09/05/17) Class Rehearsals. POWER = 2nd Period. Hornline and Percussion 3-6 PM

Wednesday (09/06/17) Class Rehearsals. POWER = “Working Wednesday” = Stands Charts Rehearsal
Colorguard 4-7 PM.

Thursday (09/07/17) Class Rehearsals. POWER A = 3rd Period. Full Band 3-6 PM

Friday (09/08/17) Class Rehearsals. POWER A = 4th Period = Show Music segments.

Friday Night Football Game vs. Concord at UNCC (please read this…)
• 6:00 PM Call Time/Supper in the Cafeteria for supper.
• 7:00 PM Loading and Departure for UNCC (bring your pillow and blankie)
• 8:00 PM Arrival at UNCC (because traffic will be dumb)
• 9:00 PM Kick-off (because people are dumb)
• 11:30 PM Departure for MPHS (use your pillow and blankie)
• 12:30 PM Arrival back at MPHS (because traffic will be dumb)
• If you’re home by 1:00 AM, you can get a solid 7 hours of sleep, eat a good breakfast, and still be here by 8:45 AM to be in stretch block by 9:00 AM.

Saturday (09/09/17) Rehearsal 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.
Please don’t be “sick”. We will all be tired. Suck it up for a few hours and then go home and take a nap. It will be okay. I promise. I’m old and have to drive an hour to and from here. You’ll be fine. This is not the time to bag out. Nod your heads.

Sunday (09/10/17) Nope.
Coming Soon
Props- Grayson and Maddalyn have been working on this. More info will be coming soon.

Preview Week Rehearsals- Mr. Bybee and Mr. Pendergrass will be here this week to put in all the visuals and choreography and character stuff. We need to all join the colorguard for their Wednesday rehearsal. Let me say that again…we need to all join the colorguard for their Wednesday rehearsal on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 from 3:00-7:00 PM. I know that this is unorthodox, and I know that you won’t appreciate it, but we are paying a fortune for this show, and this design, and these props, and all I am asking is three more hours of your life. That’s all. Let’s go!

Cabarrus County Band Preview 9/16- Call Time 8:30 AM in the band room. We don’t have a game the night before so go to bed early, get up, eat a good breakfast, and show up ready to work. Preview is an all-day gig. Bring your lunch. We will feed you supper and then you can eat all the leftovers when the event ends. This is our first real “competitive” performance.

Saturday Rehearsal Day #2- Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Be early and be ready to rock.

Showcase 9/30- Call Time 7:00 AM. As of today we have 14 bands registered. I’m hoping for 6 more, but many of the Charlotte bands and all of the Union County bands are not being allowed to compete on September 30th because of Yom Kippur. So our enrollment may be a little more down than in past years since we won’t have an ocean of Porter Ridge students and staff.

Homecoming- Friday, October 13, 2017. We will march before the game (7:00 PM). After that we will change and load our gear for the BOA Winston show because we will have an early call time the next morning.

Senior Night- Friday, October 27, 2017. We will do the show thing on this night if you want, or at the final contest on November 4th. Seniors decide and let me know. No rush.

Competition Schedule- October 7 = North Lincoln HS October 14 = Wake Forest University
October 21 = Mooresville HS October 28 = Appalachian State University
November 4 = North Davidson HS

Winter Concerts- High School = Monday, December 18th. Middle School = Tuesday, December 19th. 7:00 PM