Mount Pleasant Band Boosters, Inc.

MOUNT PLEASANT BAND BOOSTERS, INC.  is organized exclusively for educational purposes, more specifically:

  • To promote means and opportunities for the education for the public with respect to the study and culture of instrumental music and the enjoyment and wholesome utilization thereof.
  • To solicit, collect, and otherwise handle and dispose of funds in the promotion of the Mount Pleasant High and Middle School Bands and all programs within the band program’s framework with the advice and counsel of the band directors.
  • To assist the public within the Mount Pleasant High and Middle School attendance area in promoting and developing an outstanding music education program.
  • To receive, own, and maintain real or personal property (or both), and to use and apply the whole or any principal thereof exclusively for the Mt. Pleasant Middle and Mt. Pleasant High Schools’ Band programs.

The Association shall function as a non-profit organization and all funds raised or solicited by the Association shall be used exclusively for the above stated purposes. No member, director, officer, committee member, or person connected with the Association shall receive any personal gain from the operations of the Association.
Notwithstanding any of the foregoing provisions which may be construed to the contrary, the Mt. Pleasant Band Boosters Association shall not engage in any activity which is not within the scope of the applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or Sections 105-103.11 (a)(3) of the General Statutes of North Carolina. On the dissolution of the Mt. Pleasant Band Boosters Association, all assets left after satisfying the financial obligations of the Association shall be turned over to the Cabarrus County Schools Administration to be used at their discretion to assist in the Mt. Pleasant Middle and Mt. Pleasant High Schools’ Band programs.



  • Co-Presidents:
    • Jennifer Havens
    • TBD
  • Vice President of Ways and Means:
    • Jamie Blackwelder
  • Vice President of High School Operations, Communications, and Program Support
    • Tracy Gillum
  • Vice President of Middle School Operations, Communications, and Program Support
    • Alicia Cobb
  • Co-Treasurers
    • Brenda Black
    • TBD
  • Secretary
    • Lynn Warren
  • High School Members At Large
    • Shiloh Gillum
    • TBD
  • Middle School Members At Large
    • Roxanne Stroud
    • TBD



Membership in the Club is open to those parents/guardians of active band members and alumni and their parents/guardians interested in advancing its purposes as stated in the Articles of Incorporation and who are willing to subscribe to the Bylaws.

Voting members shall be an active member in the MOUNT PLEASANT BAND BOOSTER ORGANIZATION. An active member is defined as a parent or guardian in the band program and whose student account has not been declared delinquent by the Executive Board. Each member shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members. A member must be present to vote.


These are the rules that our organization governs themselves by.  An audit of these bylaws are done once a year to add/delete any necessary items.

Bylaws as of 6 April 2020:

MP Band Bylaws Edit - 2020