MP Band – COVID – 19 Update

Good Evening All,


I hope you are all doing well.  We all are currently navigating through some unprecedented territory.  With the increased precautions that are being implemented due to the COVID-19 virus, we appreciate your patience during this time.  There are going to be lots of questions, concerns, etc. that occur through the next several weeks.  Please continue to be patient during this time.


What does this situation mean for us (the band program)?  Even though this is a roadblock to the things we were doing, we will continue to wok toward our end goals for the end of the year.  Band students who are currently in the band classes have plenty of concert literature and technique things to work on.  From this point, there will not be any “assignments”.  All assignments that were given to you prior to last Friday are the last graded assignments you will have until this pandemic is over.  All things that are assigned in SmartMusic will be supplemental, meaning they are meant to help keep you sharp in the things we were working on, but they will not be recorded down as a grade.  Please do not think that just because these items are supplemental that you do not need to do them or practice.  When we return, it is imperative that you show back up in shape and showing that you have made progress on your concert literature.  If you do not, this will set us backward in a massive way and it will be hard to recover.


If you are missing materials such as instruments, music, etc., let me know and we can arrange for you to get these things.  You will not be allowed to come into the band room, but I can arrange to meet you in the parking lot by the band room or I can arrange to meet you somewhere else.


Over the next several days, you will be getting lots of information from me.  Do not just push it to the side.  Read it.  Make sure you understand it.  If you don’t, ask questions.  We still have lots of things to do and prepare for.  Some of these things can be done via e-mail and social media if we are all paying attention.  Cut Time, your e-mail, and Facebook will be vital tools during this time.


For my students – You hear me talking about you doing your “due diligence.”  Some of you look at me like I have three heads.  Now you will be tested on the things I have talked about.  We are going to see what some of you are really made of.  The success of this semester now is fully in your hands.  They are talking a two week shutdown, but this thing could go much longer.  Upon return, you will need to be performing at a high level.




Keith J. Lee

Director of Bands

Mount Pleasant High School



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Cell Phone:  704.224.4695


Address:  700 Walker Road, Mount Pleasant, NC  28124-9596