MP Band – Information for 7 -11 October

Good Afternoon All,

Appreciate all of your efforts this past weekend. We will be working to add some effective moments in the show over the next two weeks. We do not have a game or a contest this week, so enjoy some time off this coming weekend.

Rehearsal Schedule for 7 – 10 October: The rehearsal schedule for this week looks like the following:

  • Monday: All (4-7 PM)
  • Tuesday: Winds/Percussion (4-7 PM)
  • Wednesday: Guard (4-7 PM)
  • Thursday: All (4-7 PM)

Band Boosters Meeting: The scheduled booster meeting for this week has been pushed to October 21st. This will line up with our parent information meeting for our annual mattress sale that is coming up next month. We request that all parents make an attempt to be here. If we have 50 parents in attendance, the band automatically makes $250. The information meeting usually lasts 30 minutes, so $250 for 30 minutes is a great deal. The more parents we have, the more money we can make for that meeting. PLEASE MAKE EVEY ATTEMPT TO BE THERE!!!!

Mattress Sale: The annual mattress fundraiser will be 17 November 2019. Please start pushing this out to as many folks as you know. This is a pretty easy fundraiser on our part. Main thing we have to do is promote it, so please push this out to family, friends, co-workers, etc. I have attached information to this e-mail for your perusal and for you to send out to folks if you will. Please help us in this effort. Also, watch Facebook for updates and event invites. More to follow soon……

Parent Meeting Invitation Letter
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BAND TRIP TO WASHINGTON: I have finally gotten word back from the county that we are approved to participate in the 75th Anniversary Celebration of VE Day in Washington D.C. This is a wonderful opportunity for us. Next thing on the docket is to gage the interest of the band members and families. This trip is to take place on 8-10 May. In order for us to participate, we need to ensure we have max participation. Because of the nature of the trip, it will only be for current marching band members. An interest form will be sent home this week and will need to be completed by the end of this week.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: A detailed schedule has been sent weekly all summer long. I have also put all dates for the season on our Cut Time site ( This calendar can be accessed at any time. You can also access this calendar through Google Calendars at . I highly encourage utilizing your Cut Time accounts to keep up with the happenings of the band. This is where you will get all the details of every event (schedule of events, maps to events, etc.) This is where we will also get volunteers for events. All students will have an account by the end of band camp, and one parent/guardian of each child will have an account that is linked to their student’s account. Any and all parents/guardians can make an account, but at least one of each child is required to have one. This will become our main source of communication so it is imperative that folks gain access.

REQUEST TO BE EXCUSED FROM A REHEARSAL: As discussed in our parent meeting during the first week of band camp, a new method of requesting to be excused from an upcoming rehearsal has been developed. From here on out, please utilize the following link ( to request for an excused absence from a rehearsal. Please read the band handbook in concern of the policy for excused/unexcused absences. All requests for an excused absence for an upcoming rehearsal needs to be submitted 48 hours in advance (with exceptions of extreme emergency circumstances). This will eventually be made available on the band’s website.

DONATIONS FOR EQUIPMENT: Hope you are well. As discussed in our parent meeting, we have lots of needs. On top of our normal requests (field paint, water, etc.), we have some equipment needs. I am hoping that I can get some help to find ways to fund these items.

Drum Harnesses: We have a DIRE need to replace all of our harnesses for the drumline. We are lucky in that our instruments are in great shape for being as old as they are. Our harnesses on the other hand, have surpassed their day. I already have a few folks who have expressed interest in helping in this venture. If you are able to fully purchase a harness, I am looking at ways to have these items engraved. If you are unable to purchase a harness but are willing to help, we will also be excepting partial donations toward these items, as well. See costs below (PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE RECEIVED A FEW DONATIONS ALREADY TOWARDS THIS PURCHASE. WE HAD A KIND DONATION MADE TO THE BAND PROGRAM FROM AN ACQUAINTANCE OF ONE OF OUR BAND PARENTS FOR $1000.THIS MONEY WILL GO TOWARD 2 SNARE HARNESSES AND 1 BASS HARNESS. I HAVE ALSO RECEIVED A CHECK FOR THREE OF THE BASS HARNESSES ALREADY. THIS PUTS US JUST OVER HALF WAY TO BEING ABLE TO FUND THE ENTIRE LINE. I HAVE THE HARNESSES IN MY BAND OFFICE DUE TO THE COMPANY MISUNDERSTANDING MY REQUEST. AS SOON AS I GET ALL THE MONEY FOR THESE, I CAN START PULLING THESE OUT AND PUT THEM TO USE. IF I DON’T GET ALL THE MONEY FOR THESE, I WILL SEND BACK THE ONES WE AREN’T ABLE TO PAY FOR AT THIS TIME. IT WOULD BE MOST OPTIMAL TO PURCHASE THE ENTIRE SET, BUT WE CAN PURCHASE IN CHUNKS IF NEED BE.)

Snare Drum: We need 1 more carrier. 2 have already been purchased. Costs are $299.99 per carrier (taxes and shipping not included).Total:$299.99.

Tenor Drum: We need 2 carriers. Costs are $309.99 per carrier (taxes and shipping not included).Total: $619.98 for 2.

Bass Drum: We need 1 more carrier. 4 have already been purchased. Costs are $299.99 per carrier (taxes and shipping not included).Total: $299.99 for 1.

We had a very generous donation of time, labor, and parts that went toward building an awesome synthesizer cart. This cart is amazing. The kind folks of Propel Church, Gene Starnes, and Brian Harkey for doing this for us.

Also, THANK YOU to Buddy Cobb for building some awesome carts for our speakers. This will help us get on and off the field so much easier.

There are other equipment needs, but these are priority.

Outside of these needs, we are always needing donations of:

As always, I am so appreciative of all you do. Any little thing helps, so if you are willing to help, please let me know. Receipts for tax purposes can be done for your tax records.

As always, any questions, concerns, etc. can be brought to my attention at any time. Feel free to e-mail me at .


Keith J. Lee

Director of Bands

Mount Pleasant High School


Office Phone: 704.260.6690 ext. 76707


Address: 700 Walker Road, Mount Pleasant, NC 28124-9596Email flyer
Parent Meeting Invitation Letter
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