MP Band Information for February 22-26

Happy Monday!!


I hope everyone is having a good last Monday of February, hard to believe this month is already almost over!  Here is the information for the week of February 22nd, 2021.


Juniors ACT Testing Wednesday (24) and Thursday (25)


All juniors will be required to take the in-person ACT exam.  Juniors with the last names A-K will take the exam on Wednesday and last names L-Z will take the exam on Thursday.  This is required in the state of North Carolina.  Good luck!!!


Freshman, sophomores, and seniors will have asynchronous days Wednesday-Friday of this week.  I will have one assignment due this week on Friday at 11:59 pm.  Wednesday and Thursday would be a good idea to finish any late work you may have for me..


Asynchronous Assignments 


As stated in previous Newsletters, Friday attendance is based upon the completion of the homework due on Friday night at 11:59 pm.  I open the assignments at 3 pm on Thursdays allowing students to have a full 36 hours to complete the activity.  Typically I have told them the assignment by the beginning of the week to give them ample time to practice.  If there are problems completing the assignment contact me BEFORE the due date so I can help you.


We have asynchronous work in band daily!  I have one assignment due each week but every other day we should be practicing.  Without practice there will be no growth in our skill.  If a gardener does not water their plants the plant will not grow, this is the same mentality we need to have for our craft as musicians.


We should be practicing at least 20 minutes a day!  This can be on scales, assignments, or Smart Music.  If you would like anything else to practice let me know and I will gladly provide you with more literature.


Marching Band Rehearsals 


Marching Band rehearsals continue on this week Tuesday and Thursday 4-5 pm with drop off starting at 3:45 pm.  Please do this Google Form prior to rehearsal:


By Thursday (2/26/2021) I will be giving athletics my final decision on our participation in the football game on March 12th.  The decision solely rests on student interest and engagement.  We only had 9 people attend our last rehearsal, it is up to YOU to make this a possible performance opportunity for us.


As always, if there are any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me either by email,, or at the band’s phone number (704) 260-6707


Have a great week!


-Miss Avery Gray