Good Morning All,

Hope you are doing well.  Please read this e-mail in its entirety concerning marching band information.

LATEST ON MARCHING BAND REHEARSALS: This past week, the NCHSAA cleared athletic groups to begin practices on June 15th.  They are currently working through the phases and what that looks like.  With that in mind, Cabarrus County Schools has stated that all band and athletic activities can start on July 6th.  The county is working to establish how that will look based on the criteria that they are given by the Cabarrus Health Alliance, the NCHSAA, etc.  As soon as we get more clarification on what this looks like, a more specified summer plan will be given to you.  I would expect this within the next week.  This is a glimmer of positivity in what has been a bleak few months.  With that being said, things are ever-changing.  Please understand this.  We are working hard to ensure the best possible game plan is in place for you to succeed.  I will be pushing out music, workouts, etc. over the next week or so.  You all need to begin working on these things as soon as you get them.  Some of you have begun getting together on your own to workout and I know that there has been talks of even getting together to rehearse.  THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!  I love the initiative.  That is going to be the thing that drives the type of success you have this year.

LATEST ON THE MARCHING BAND COMMITMENT FORMS: A huge THANK YOU to those who have gone in and completed the form.  There are a few stragglers and I need you to do this ASAP.  This form secures your spot in the ensemble.  I am talking with the design team and I use what I have on the commitment forms for the design of our show.  In short, if you don’t fill out the commitment form then there is no secured spot for you in the marching band.  For you stragglers out there that have not done this, you need to do this now.  Go to To fill this out.  We have to do this electronically to get this done in a quick manner.  Take the time to fill this out.  Outside of getter

PAYMENTS FOR MARCHING BAND FEES (DEPOSITS, ETC.):  Because of the current situation, I know there has been questions about how to make payments.  We have three options:

You can mail it in. Send it to this address:

Mount Pleasant High School

Attn: Keith Lee, Band Director

700 Walker Road

Mount Pleasant, NC 28124

Pay it online at There is a service fee but you can pay by debit or credit card.

We can meet up at some point within the next week or so. I will be on military orders starting Saturday for two weeks. I should be able to meet you at some point during the evening, though.  Send me an email, and I will work with you to do this.

Because of the situation, I know that it will may be hard to follow the payment schedule.  Some level of flexibility is accounted for there, but please understand, the fees it what helps pay for the things that we have to push money out for to get the marching band season rolling (t-shirts, equipment, transportation costs, etc.).  Please try to stay as close to the payment schedule as possible.

BASIC INFORMATION CONCERNING MARCHING BAND:  I encourage you to watch this video ( ). Much of the information in this video are things that you are used to as being past members of this ensemble, but there are also lots of new things to pay attention to. In this video, I go different planning scenarios that we have diligently planned and have vetted with the administrative team here at Mount Pleasant High School. These scenarios provide us a number of plans that we can fall on based on the ever changing situations that we are presented with due to our current situation. Please pay attention to the details concerning multiple child discounts and financial aid requests (new initiatives this year).  I did make a mistake in the video. Open House for High School and Middle School will be Aug 12th, not Aug 13th. That info has been updated in the slide deck and the band handbook. Elementary School Open House will be Aug 13th. A rehearsal schedule will be made to ensure students can make their Open Houses.

Check your e-mail  or see below for a copy of the slide deck from my video presentation and a copy of our band handbook. Please look over these items. The band handbook has all the forms that students will need to have completed by August 3rd.

Marching Band Info Meeting - 2020
MP Marching Band Handbook 2020 (signed)

P.S. – If for whatever reason, we have a shortened marching band season or we do not have a marching band season at all, marching band fees paid can either be reimbursed or kept in the student’s band account for the next marching band season. If we have a shortened season, marching band fees will be reduced substantially. If we do not have a marching band season, students can be fully refunded (only money they have paid in; not any money that has been fundraised) or it can stay in their band accounts until the next season for band fees.


Keith J. Lee

Director of Bands

Mount Pleasant High School


Office Phone: 704.260.6690 ext. 76707

Cell Phone: 704.224.4695


Address: 700 Walker Road, Mount Pleasant, NC 28124-9596