Good Afternoon All,


Hope you are doing well.  I know many of you are patiently waiting for news concerning marching band.  I greatly appreciate your patience.  As you can imagine, things have not been very easy…………


As many of you may know, the decision was made a couple of weeks ago to allow fall athletics and marching bands to begin hosting “optional practices/rehearsals” starting 6 July.  There are still lots of information coming down the pike concerning this and there are daily changes to the guidelines that the state, the county, and the school are wanting us to implement with this.  The band directors have a meeting tomorrow to discuss these further and as soon as things are more concrete, I will be establishing a schedule of “optional rehearsals” for the month of July that we will follow.  There will be lots of very strict guidelines that we will have to follow and I will lay these out this week.  As of now, the important things I want you to take away from this e-mail are the following items:


  • “Optional Rehearsals” – These will be held during the month of July.  We will not start these until the week of 13 July.  This will still give us three good weeks prior to August before band camp begins to work on things.  The “optional rehearsals” will have very strict guidelines and we cannot mess this up.  Lots of eyes are on us.  A schedule of these practices and the important guideline information that we will need to follow will go out this week.
  • Band Schedule – If you recall, I laid out several different scenarios/plans as to how our schedule will look like this year due to this unprecedented virus.  As of now, we are following plan “B”  with some “optional rehearsals” scheduled in July (see information above).  Mandatory camps and practices will begin on 3 August (if all goes well).  Nothing before 3 August will be mandatory, but we ask that if you are in town, please show up.  It is essential we get as much time in as we can.  Plan “C” and “D” are our fall back plans.  Plan “A” is officially out.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be working to create a more “up-to-date” schedule based on plan “B.”  This plan can be found in the band handbook on page 15 (see attached).
MP Marching Band Handbook 2020 (signed)
  • Music/Instruments/Etc. – I will be working on a plan this week that will get music and marching instruments into your hands.  By the time you show up for band camp on 3 August, I am going to ask you to have practiced and learned certain things so we are not behind when everyone shows up in August.  The entire group is going to have to depend on each other to do this.  We will be utilizing Smartmusic a great deal this summer to help you learn the show music.  For those that do not have accounts to Smartmusic, I will be helping you establish those.
  • Fundraising – I know that we have missed out on a great deal of fundraising due to this virus.  I have some very good possibilities that I will be pushing out to you over the next few weeks to help you build your individual accounts.
  • Calendar and Cut Time Accounts – I will be working on updating the band calendar this week, as well as helping those that need to establish Cut Time accounts get those established.  The band calendar, as of now, shows items that were originally planned prior to this virus debacle.  For now, watch your e-mails for the latest information concerning scheduling.


I want you to know that the staff and I are working extremely hard to ensure you have the greatest possible season you can while at the same time keeping you all safe.  Over the next week, it is going to seem like a lot of information is going to be thrown at you.  I will try my best to simplify things the best that I can.  If you have any questions, concerns, etc., please do not hesitate to call me or email me.




Keith J. Lee

Director of Bands

Mount Pleasant High School



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