Newsletter for 19 – 24 August 2019

Hope everyone is enjoying a restful weekend.  Please see below for information pertaining to the next couple of weeks:


  • REMAINING SCHEDULE FOR AUGUSTThis coming week is a big week for us.  We have several rehearsals, our first football game of the season, and our first Saturday Mini-Camp of the year.  Please keep in mind all rehearsals are mandatory.  Unexcused absences are not tolerated and will result in disciplinary action (SEE BAND HANDBOOK).   We will use this time to continue to learn music and drill for our field production, as well as work on stands tunes and The Star-Spangled Banner in preparation for our first football game on August 23rd.


Rehearsal Schedule for August 19th – 20th 




Rehearsal Schedule for August 21st – PLEASE NOTE:  Open House is this day. 


4:00 PM – 6:00 PM:   REHEARSAL FOR ALL SECTIONS ON WEDNESDAY (Middle School Students will be released at 5:30 so they can attend their Open House.  Middle School Open House is 4:30 – 6:30 pm.  This will give them plenty of time to get over to the middle school for this event. 






Rehearsal Schedule for August 22nd






                                Please see time schedule below (also can be found on the Cut Time Calendar; click event on calendar and

locate “Schedule”)


      • Call Time:  5:00 p.m.
      • Dinner:  5:45 p.m.
      • Warm-up/Preparation to Leave for Stadium:  6:15 p.m.
      • Leave Band Room Area for Walk to Stadium:  6:55 p.m.
      • Arrive to Stadium:  7:05 p.m.
      • Star Spangled Banner 7:25 p.m.
      • Game Time:  7:30 p.m.
      • Approximate End Time:  10:00 p.m.


PARENTS/GUARDIANS/FAMILY MEMBERS/ETC:  Please consider volunteering to help us.  We will have several jobs that will need to filled this Friday.  Go to and sign up for one of the following opportunities (at top of page, go to “Calendar,” and in the drop-down, select “Volunteer Opportunities”):


      • Water Crew (4-5)
      • Front Ensemble Equipment Crew (lots of hands needed to get items on the field and off in a timely fashion)
      • Meal Provider
      • Meal Serving (Several)
      • Hauling of Equipment Trailer To and From Stadium
      • Drum Major Podium Crew (2)




8:00 AM – 1:00 PM:  REHEARSAL FOR ALL SECTIONS – We will continue to put on our field production during this time.



  • ONCE SCHOOL STARTS:  On August 26th, 2019, we go into our normal school rehearsal schedule.  On a normal week, the rehearsal schedule will look like the following:


  • Mondays:  All Sections (4-7 PM)
  • Tuesdays:  Winds and Percussion (4-7 PM)
  • Wednesdays:  Colorguard (4-7 PM)
  • Thursdays:  All (4-7 PM)


On August 30th, we will have our first away football game.  More details will go out closer to the date.


  • CALENDAR OF EVENTS:  A detailed schedule has been sent weekly all summer long.  I have also put all dates for the season on our Cut Time site (  This calendar can be accessed at any time.  You can also access this calendar through Google Calendars at .  I highly encourage utilizing your Cut Time accounts to keep up with the happenings of the band.  This is where you will get all the details of every event (schedule of events, maps to events, etc.)  This is where we will also get volunteers for events.  All students will have an account by the end of band camp, and one parent/guardian of each child will have an account that is linked to their student’s account.  Any and all parents/guardians can make an account, but at least one of each child is required to have one.  This will become our main source of communication so it is imperative that folks gain access.
  • REQUEST TO BE EXCUSED FROM A REHEARSAL:  As discussed in our parent meeting during the first week of band camp, a new method of requesting to be excused from an upcoming rehearsal has been developed.  From here on out, please utilize the following link ( to request for an excused absence from a rehearsal.  Please read the band handbook in concern of the policy for excused/unexcused absences.  All requests for an excused absence for an upcoming rehearsal needs to be submitted 48 hours in advance (with exceptions of extreme emergency circumstances).  This will eventually be made available on the band’s website.
  • DONATIONS FOR EQUIPMENT:  Hope you are well.  As discussed in our parent meeting, we have lots of needs.  On top of our normal requests (field paint, water, etc.), we have some equipment needs.  I am hoping that I can get some help to find ways to fund these items.


  • Drum Harnesses:  We have a DIRE need to replace all of our harnesses for the drumline.  We are lucky in that our instruments are in great shape for being as old as they are.  Our harnesses on the other hand, have surpassed their day.  I already have a few folks who have expressed interest in helping in this venture.  If you are able to fully purchase a harness, I am looking at ways to have these items engraved.  If you are unable to purchase a harness but are willing to help, we will also be excepting partial donations toward these items, as well.  See costs below (PLEASE NOTE:  I HAVE RECEIVED A FEW DONATIONS ALREADY TOWARDS THIS PURCHASE.  WE HAD A KIND DONATION MADE TO THE BAND PROGRAM FROM AN ACQUAINTANCE OF ONE OF OUR BAND PARENTS FOR $1000.  I HAVE ALSO RECEIVED A CHECK FOR ONE OF THE BASS HARNESSES ALREADY.  THIS PUTS US JUST UNDER HALF WAY TO BEING ABLE TO FUND THE ENTIRE LINE.  I HAVE THE HARNESSES IN MY BAND OFFICE DUE TO THE COMPANY MISUNDERSTANDING MY REQUEST.  AS SOON AS I GET ALL THE MONEY FOR THESE, I CAN START PULLING THESE OUT AND PUT THEM TO USE.  IF I DON’T GET ALL THE MONEY FOR THESE, I WILL SEND BACK THE ONES WE AREN’T ABLE TO PAY FOR AT THIS TIME.  IT WOULD BE MOST OPTIMAL TO PURCHASE THE ENTIRE SET, BUT WE CAN PURCHASE IN CHUNKS IF NEED BE.)
    • Snare Drum:  We need 3 carriers.
      • Costs are $299.99 per carrier (taxes and shipping not included).
      • Total:  $599.98 for 3.
    • Tenor Drum:  We need 2 carriers.
      • Costs are $309.99 per carrier (taxes and shipping not included).
      • Total:  $619.98 for 2.
    • Bass Drum:  We need 5 carriers.
      • Costs are $299.99 per carrier (taxes and shipping not included).
      • Total:  $1499.95 for 5.
  • Field Racks:  We also CRITICAL need for a couple of field racks.  These racks are used to help get some of our front ensemble percussion equipment on and off the field.  These racks help to keep the instruments in great shape while also making it easier to get this stuff on and off the field (less frustration, mitigates the chance of timing penalties, etc.).  These racks are also useful during the concert season, as well.  We need two types:
    • Pyle Latin Percussion Rack at $695.95
    • Pyle All terrain Field Rack at $799.95
    • There are a couple of accessory pieces that we will need to purchase, as well. The field rack crash cymbal holder is $318.75 and a field rack trap table $168.75.  If we get the racks, we can add more accessories at a later date, but we need to go ahead and at least get these items.
  • Electronic Equipment Carts:  We are also in CRITICAL need to purchase a couple carts/racks for our synthesizers and mixer equipment.  We have all this wonderful electronic equipment, but the items we have to haul this stuff and store this stuff is lacking in a big way.  If we do not fix this now, we risk seriously damaging this equipment.  We damage this equipment, that is thousands of dollars gone and wasted.  We fix this issue now, this equipment should last us a good long time.  We need two racks.  One that will encompass a synthesizer and the mixer board, and one that is for a single synthesizer.
    • Pageantry Innovations KC 35 Synth/Mixer Cart Combo:  This is a very pricey rack, but would be the best purchase because it combines two racks in one.  This means less stuff to have to move around.  Once the equipment is in this rig, it never has to come out.  It will keep our main synthesizer and our mixer board out of the elements (sun, rain, etc.).  Cost of this rig is $3599.99 (estimate).  Expensive, but is cheap in comparison to having to replace electronic equipment because of being weathered, etc.
    • Pyle Electronics Cart:  This would be the secondary synthesizer/electronics rack.  This one is not as extensive than the other, but is required for the amount of synthesizers we use.  The cost of this is $1079.99.
    • An option would be to buy two of the Pyle electronic racks and purchase a separate rig for the mixer.  If interested in this option, I can look into options.
    • We can always explore cheaper options, and depending on donations, we may have to go that route, but the options labeled are best case scenarios.


There are other equipment needs, but these are priority.


Outside of these needs, we are always needing donations of:



As always, I am so appreciative of all you do.  Any little thing helps, so if you are willing to help, please let me know.  Receipts for tax purposes can be done for your tax records.


  • SENIOR PICTURES FOR BANNERS: Pictures took place on August 13th.  We have a couple that have to do remakes.  They will do their pictures tomorrow (August 19th) during rehearsal.  These students need to have the components that they need for their uniform.  Working on getting a finalized price for banners.  Once we get the price, I will let you know.
  • SHOWCASE ADS/TROPHY SPONSORSHIP FORMS:  Please see attached forms for this.


As always, any questions, concerns, etc. can be brought to my attention at any time.  Feel free to e-mail me at .